Jesper Olsen Reaches North America on World Run II

jesper olsen north-southJesper Olsen, on his World Run II, has arrived in North America and is scheduled to start the USA leg about about 12 noon today Florida time.
Jesper has spent many months covering South America and begins this 5,600 km journey in the USA after finishing in Puerto Bolivar, Colombia on December 28th.

I don’t read all Jesper’s posts – I swing by now and then and when I do I am always inspired by what’s happening on World Run II.  Jesper’s life is one of constant motion and browsing back over the reports we are offered a glimpse into a world traversed on foot with its myriad detail imbued in the passer by in a way, he says, that he did not experience travelling by car whilst on his way back to Bogota. Life on the road is such a challenge and how he manages all the things is amazing.  Inwardly and outwardly it has a toll that he has to pay and still his tenacity is hard to fathom.

Its hard to imagine how it is whilst sat here on my revolving chair. I guess that Tony Mangan tasted it when Jesper ran across Ireland on World Run I and re-awakened his dream to have the experience of running around the world as well.

Today Jesper is starting a new phase of his journey and he has written about how much support he has received already from the USA. He has had a week reflect on his journey so far and I am awed by this Danish ultrarunner who is encircling this whole plant we live on and what he conveys in his posts.  I feel he is connecting with the whole planet.

I recommend Jesper’s website as well worth a read and browse through his life as he records the places and people he meets and he invites anyone to come and run along with him.

Overall Plan, North America 2012:

1) Key West to Richmond, 10. January – 4. March. 2171km.

2) Richmond to New York, 4. March – 19. March. 500km.

3) New York to Boston, 19. March – 30. March. 400km.

4) Boston to Houlton/Border, 30. March – 15. April. 700km.

5) Houlton/Border Canada to Nova Scotia, 1. May – 1. June. 900km.

6) Nova Scotia/Pt. Aux Basques to St. Johns, New Foundland, 1. June – 1. July. 900km.

Total For North America: 5600km.


World Run II website: USA Day 1 report and Florida Schedule The home of multiday running news and events.

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