Gomu-EMU World 6 Day Championships 2024

gomu world 6 day championships 2024

The Gomu EMU World 6 Day Championships 2024 will take place in Balatonfüred, Hungary starting September 5th until Aeptember 11th. First held in 2011, this multiday race which takes place beside Lake Balaton, is renowned for its quality and trackside accommodation.

Details from the race website:

“In 2024 the EMU 6 Day race will be the 13rd 6-day World Trophy organized wich will be the 2024 year World Championship as well. This event is one of the few 6-day competitions in the world which has received IAU Silver Label through the quality and the high level results of the race for several years now. This is the only Hungarian ultramarathon race where official world records have been set during the past 11years and there are several live records were set in our competition still exist.
Venue: Balatonfüred, Füred Camping 898.88 meter long certified ROAD loop with 100% asphalt surface with left and right turns, without direction change, fully traffic-free
Prizes: The top 1-3 male and female participants overall. The top 1-3 participants in each age group receive “Age Group Certificates”.
GOMU National Team Medals are awarded to the top two male and two female participants with the highest scores among the three best-scoring national teams. The remaining team members of the placing national teams will receive a “National Team Member World Championship Award” certificate.
Participant who wins the race with new track record gets free card for our next year’s race.”


Website: Emusport.hu/home
Facebook: Emu6day
GOMU (Global Organization Of Multi-Day Ultramarathoners)

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