Hirosaki 6 Days Ultra Run 2024

Hirosaki 6 day race
Notice about Hirosaki 6 Days Ultra Run 2024, the first 6 day race to be held in Japan. This text is from the event host Facebook page.

“The 3rd Prefecture 24-hour run/48-hour run/6-day running championship & official 100km ultra marathon” (to be held on May 20-26 2024)

This event’s 100km ultra-marathon is one of the four events (Saloma, Shimanto, Yokohama, and Yokohamae) sanctioned by the Japanese Federation.
Also, the 24-hour run and 48-hour run have already been approved as the official race of the Japan Ultra Runners Association (JUA), and the first 6-day run in our country has also been approved this time.
The deadline for entries is April 22nd (Monday), but the deadline will be once we reach capacity for each category.
Well, the 6 day run has already exceeded the capacity (25 people), so we are slightly increasing the capacity.
We are waiting for your application!

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