Gothenburg 6/12/24/48 & 6 Day Race 2009


The inaugural Göteborg 6 day race in Sweden that takes place on August 30th has attracted a strong women’s field with Christine David from France who was invited to Surgeres this year, Martina Hausmann from Germany, Edith Berces from Hungary and Sarah Barnett from Australia who ran 653 km in the Self-Transcendence 6 day in New York in April earlier this year making a formidable quartet.

In the men’s race, 27 runners have signed up with Eric Wright from South Africa, Christopher Laborie and Olivier Chaigne from France providing a tantalising scenario. As a way of rewarding those efforts, this IAU Bronze label event will offer awards to all male runners passing 700K and all female passing 600K. Those elite runners who exceed 900K/800K will get 5.000€. I guess that means the winner.

Whilst perusing the entrants list Sweden my eyes fell on the name of Jesper Olsen. What a surprise.
On visiting Jespers site,, he tells the story of how the RD, K-G Nyström invited him to the race. Currently Jesper is in Tanzania and latest report says he has an infection, so send Jesper your best wishes and hope that the penicillin will do the trick.

As well as the 6 day race, the event is catering to a full range of ultramarathons with 48 and 24 hour events that have international appeal as well. The shorter ultras, the 24 hour, 12 & 6 hour races have filled entirely with Swedish runners.

Ray McCurdy from Scotland will be running in the 48 hour and Pam Storey, President of the UK 100km Association, will be making her debut at the 6 day level as will Abichal.

Stay tuned to the race website: The home of multiday running news and events.

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