Thames Ring 2017 – Results

Bob Wild
Bob Wild receiving his medal finishjing 7th. Photo courtesy Lindley Chambers

The Thames Ring 2017 was won by John Stocker in a new course record of 58 hours 53 minutes.

The Thames Ring is a 250 mile loop around London and started on June 28th in Streatley-on-Thames travelling in an anti-clockwise direction. The route is mainly on canal and riverside paths and relatively flat.

Runners have 100 hours  (4 days 4 hours) to complete the run, navigating using maps and being supported by checkpoints every 25 miles or so.

There were 24 finishers with 28 retirees.

Pos Name Time
1 John Stocker 58:53
2 Nick Balding 59:29
3 Henrick Lowenmark 65:31
1 Ellen Cotton 84:09
2 Sandra Hopkins 93:40
3  —

Website: Thames Ring 250
Facebook: Thames Ring group
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