Monarchs Way Ultra 2019

Start of Monarchs Way Ultra photo courtesy Lindley Chambers

Monarch’s Way Ultra 2019 began Saturday morning 18th of May at Powick Bridge in Worcester. Following the route taken by the defeated Charles the second this 615 mile course is the one of the longest races in the UK and the longest non-stop trail race perhaps in Europe. With two weeks to complete the distance it requires an average of 43 miles a day and runers need to carry compulsory kit, navigate, eat, sleep and manage themselves through each leg. With access to drop bags and support around every 45 miles or so this is a demanding challenge.

In 3 years and 17 starters there have only been 3 finishers. This year seven runners began the journey, 2 women and 5 men.  John Stocker, John Wild, Ellen Cottom, Peter Pudding Bengtsson, Jon Rowles, Victoria Owens, Tony Hewett.

As I write, RD Lindley Chambers has just tweeted that Tony has withdrawn. John Stocker is looking strong at this point and is several hours ahead of where he was this time last year.

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