Six Days in the Dome 2024

Photo: Ed Ettinghausen by Tuan Nguyen

The sixth annual Six Days in the Dome multiday event is taking place for the fifth time in the iconic Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The event featues a brand-new 10 Day race option which began yesterday Thursday June 13 at 12 Noon. 20 runners started on the 443.45-meter USATF-certified short-loop road course before the shorter race options join them later on the weekend. The course is around the ice-rink and the temperature is a steady 55 degrees.

6 days in the dome

Also new this year is the 24 Hour Invitational event that runs from Saturday June 15 to Sunday June 16, beginning at 9:00 AM. A maximum of 25 runners will be attempting to set records and/or qualify for a national 24 hour team. Among those running is Zach Bitter, who set the 100 mile world record at this event in 2019 with an 11:19:13 performance, only to see that eclipsed by Aleksandr Sorokin in 2022. The 24 Hour Invitational has a strong roster of national-class runners so this should be an exciting weekend of racing!

Beginning Monday June 17, 20 6 Day runners will begin, along with a handful of runners who are running in the 72 hour, 48 hour, 24 hour or 12 hour races.

Current places in the 10 Day after 19 hours
10 Day Women
1. Jen Cadenhead USA 37.2502
2. Kathleen Gorman USA 32.8157
3. Betty Smith USA 31.9288
10 Day Men
1. Pawel Zuk POL 71.0919
2. Matt Stearns USA 68.8876
3. Ed Ettinghausen USA 64.7543
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