Sri Chinmoy Ten and Six Day Races 2018 – Day 5

Pawel Zuk
Pawel Zuk photo by Utpal Marshall Perfection-Journey

The Sri Chinmoy Ten and Six Day Races 2018 – Day 5 sees some changes on the scoreboard after a settled look about them in the early stages of the race. Ashprihanal has regained the lead after an 86 mile day, seemingly recovered from his earlier problem. Budjargal Byambaa, after his massive 97 mile day has been forced to take it easy with a 53 mile day. Pawel Zuk moves into third.

In the womens race Nataliya Hlushchuck has edged into the lead ahead of Ilvaka while Susan Marshall after having two slower days is in third place.

The Sri Chinmoy 6 day race is led by three time winner John Geesler (USA) on 83 miles from Canadian Roger Martel on 70.4. Multiday veterean Priyavardin Resisecker (AUT), 67.2 miles, has a toe-hold on third place with Mahasatya Janczak (POL) close behind.

In the womens 6 day race Canadian Sylvie Boisvert leads after an impressive first day with 92 miles.  Vera Kalishmanova (RUS) is in second and Makula Samarina from the Ukraine is third with 67.2 miles

Men10 Day Race
1Ashprihanal AaltoFIN446.4
2Budjargal ByambaaMON431.2
3Pawel ZukPOL391.2
33 starters
Women10 Day Race
1Nataliya HlushchukUKR312.8
2Ilvaka NemcovaCZE312
3Susan MarshallNZL304
18 starters
Men6 Day Race
1John GeeslerUSA83.2
2Roger MartelCAN70.4
3Priyavadin ReiseckerAUT67.2
11 starters
Women6 Day Race
1Sylvie BoisvertCAN92.8
2Vera KalishmanovaRUS72.5
3Makula SamarinaUKR67.2
14 starters

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