Sri Chinmoy 6 Day Race 2021 Sofia, Bulgaria – Day 2 Results

The Aid Station

Day 2 of the Sri Chinmoy 6 Day Race 2021 Sofia, Bulgaria came to an end with Andrea Marcato (ITA) extending his lead over the six runners behind him who are still within 20k of each other. Fellow countryman Sandro Zincarini (ITA) who is currently providing the rearguard action is no stranger to multidays having completed five ten races and a 6 day in New York and is currently on course for a pb. Second-placed Andrey Stefanov (BGR) has also cut his teeth at the 10 day in New York having managed 1052 km in his first multiday attempt in 2011.
The weather is still holding up.

Pos Name Km
Sri Chinmoy 6 Day Race
1 Andrea Marcato ITA 270
2 Andrey Stefanov BGR 239
3 Ananda-Lahari Zuscin SVK 236
4 Smarana Puntigam AUT 222
5 Pranjal Milovnik SVK 221
6 Namitabha Arsic SRB 219
7 Namitabha Arsic SRB 219
8 Sandro Zincarini ITA 173

Race website:

Andrey Stefanov (Bulgaria) The home of multiday running news and events.

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