Sri Chinmoy 6 Day Race 2021 Sofia, Bulgaria – Day 3 Results

Andrey Stefanov
Andrey Stefanov photo by Varenya

The Sri Chinmoy 6 Day Race 2021 Sofia, Bulgaria – Day 3 results show Andrea Marcato (ITA) continuing to lead Bulgaria’s first standard multiday race with 113k for the day ahead of Ananda Lahari Zuscin (SVK) who ran 104k. Priyavardin Reisecker (AUT) covered 106 km to move into third place. Smarana Puntigam, veteran of 20 multidays including 10 editions of the 3100 mile race ran 98k. Namitabha made 88k, Pranjal 82k, Andrey struggled with 53k and Sandro had a good day hitting 61k.

Sri Chinmoy 6 Day Race
Pos Name  Ctry Km Miles
1 Andrea Marcato ITA 383 237
2 Ananda-Lahari Zuscin SVK 340 211
3 Priyavardin Reisecker AUT 321 200
4 Smarana Puntigam AUT 320 199
5 Namitabha Arsic SRB 307 190
6 Pranjal Milovnik SVK 303 188
7 Andrey Stefanov BGR 292 181
8 Sandro Zincarini ITA 234 145

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