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viadal 6 day ultra

Jacob Zocherman has produced a 4 minute video about the Viadal 6 day race in Sweden and he wrote on a fb post “Ultrarunning can be defined in many ways. But one can argue that the 6-day race is its purest form. Not going towards anything, no extraordinary changing sceneries, instead a repetitive motion just for the sake of it.
I had the opportunity to attend Viadal 6-day Ultra in Sweden a couple of weeks ago as an observer. 37 people started their journey on a 675 meter loop on a sunday noon in order to do as many loops as possible until the following saturday noon.
It is difficult to describe this type of event. But I tried to do a personal reflection in the short film attached here.”

The 2nd day Viadal 6 Day race started on September the 4th -10th 2022.
Checkout the website www.viadalevent.se/resultat-6



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