Italian Ultra Marathon Festival 2022 Results

Jean-Louis Vidal and Aldo Maranzina
Photo courtesy Pascuale Brandi

The Italian Ultra Marathon Festival came to a close on Sunday March 20th in Policoro. The fesrival ended with several shorter events and began with the 1000 mile which saw 5 starters. A 1000 miles is a long way and with time constraints the challenge is even more difficult. Denis Orsini (FRA) decided it wasn’t going to happen this time and left on the third day. Michal Maipas was the next to withdraw and with just a couple of days to go Petri Perttilä  (FIN) pulled out with injuries and Jean-Louis Vidal (FRA) ran until the last day and the realisation he wasn’t going to make it left Daniele Alimonti (ITA) the only finisher in the 1000 mile race.

Annie Paringaux (FRA) and Louis Fouquet (FRA) both finished the 1000km in just over 8 days with Annie the stronger runner setting a F/55 record according to reports.

In the 10 day Roldano Marzorati (ITA) finished well with 1020 km, over a 100k a day which is a great average. 77 year old Edda Bauer (GER) won the women’s 10 day coming third overall with an amazing performance.

Gabor Rakonczay (HUN) won the EMU 6 Day in 2021 and made it 2 from 2 with a 109km cushion over second man Fabiano Faorlin (ITA) while Welshman Garfield Jones (GBR) hit the podium for the first time. Mara Guler (ROU) in third place overall had to fend off a powerful finish from Beatrice Bourlon (FRA) to hold on to the win. Richard Brown set a new 48 Hour M 75 world record with 260.762km

Matthew Blackburn (GBR) ran the 10th all-time best British 48 hour distance as he won with a clear lead over second-placed women’s winner Mihaela Ivanova Englaro (BUL).

Cristina Petruzzelli was first woman in the 24 hour and men’s winner was Artis Zarins.

Pos Name Gen CTRY Time/km
1000 miles
1 Daniele Alimonti M ITA 15:21:42:00
2 Jean-Louis Vidal M FRA DNF
1000 km
1 Annie Paringaux F FRA 8:00:17:27
2 Louis Fouquet M FRA 8:06:41:18
Women 10 Day
1 Edda Bauer F GER 661.102
2 Mireille Cormier F FRA 481.084
3 F
Men 10 day
1 Roldano Marzorati M ITA 1020.326
2 Giuseppe Angelini M ITA 840.482
3 Walter Zimmerman M GER 645.045
Women 6 Day
1 Mara Guler F ROU 620.181
2 Beatrice Bourlon F FRA 614.465
3 Adele Rasicci F ITA 471.521
Men 6 Day
1 Gabor Rakonczay M HUN 740.1
2 Fabiano Faorlin M ITA 631.016
3 Garfield Jones M GBR 582.625
Women 48 Hours
1 Mihaela Ivanova Englaro F BUL 251.4
2 Stine Rex F DEN 202.334
3 Luisa Risino F ITA 134.183
Men 48 Hours
1 Matthew Blackburn M GBR 351.65
2 Massimo Taliani M ITA 236.958
3 Stefano Ciancio M ITA 219.727
Women 24 Hours
1 Cristina Petruzzelli F ITA 114.627
Men 24 Hours
1 Artis Zarins M LAT 185.022
2 Morten Klingenberg M DEN 151.48
3 Antonio Candido M ITA 146.211
Women 100 miles
Men 100 miles
1 Antonio Di Manno M ITA 18.19.58
2 Simone Leo M ITA 26.16.16
3 Giuseppe De Rosa M ITA 26.46.56

Results for all events accessible via

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