World Run 2

Jesper Olsen, keen to get back out on the road is planning another feat of running longevity.

“The route will in general lead from the Northern point of Scandinavia and in Europe to the Southern tip of Africa. After this first half of the total challenge is completed the run reverses direction and, hopefully, continues North from the Southern tip of South America to the Northern point of New Foundland in Canada, North America.”

Jesper plans to spread the journey, of some 40,000 kms, out over several years starting in 2008 and finishing in 2010. The journey is still in the planning phase and the team has not been announced yet so checkout the site for details.

Worldrun 2

Also at this time Jesper has produced a book of his first journey circumnavigating the world from West to East which he completed in October 2005. The book is in Danish however and we await with anticipation the English version of his amazing adventure.

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  1. Hello Arbichal !

    Thanks for the news-line on the new challenge 🙂
    – The site is not yet fully developed but the essentials are in place now.

    By the way I’d be thrilled if any Sri Chinmoy runner would be interested to take part. In the planning group we are looking to establish a group of 2-4 runners in total and ofcourse as many as possible on single stage basis.

    – I still have very fond memories of my meeting w. Sri Chinmoy athletes in Russia, Australia, California, New York (ofcourse !), Ireland and the U.K. !!

    With my best wishs of joyfull running & Thanks to all I met last time 🙂


  2. This new project of Jesper’s is very inspiring. 40 000 kms is a distance beyond imagination. After having spent a couple of years crcumnavigating the globe on foot, I can only surmise that the call of the road is a force just too strong for Jesper to deny. What a way to see the world!


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