Bislett 24 Hour Indoor Challenge

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From: Per Gunnar Alfheim
Sent: 2006-10-25 19:16:07 CEST
To: Per Gunnar Alfheim
Subject: Bislett 24 H Indoor Challenge
On behalf of the organizer of Bislett 24 Hour Indoor Challenge, I send you information in English and German about the race: Please click on the link to the home page below and choose language.
As you can see on the web-site, already 44 (22.10-06) have signed up for this spectacular race! And the interest list is very promising:
If you know some potential participants, we are very grateful if you will forward this info to them! For questions, please contact: R.D. Bjorn Hytjanstorp,

e-mail: [email protected]
Kondis – Norsk organisasjon for kondisjonsidrett
Per Gunnar Alfheim
Bislett 24 Hour Indoor Challengeice president

Breivikskjenet 29
N- 5179 Godvik (Norway)
Tlf. (.0047) 55 50 97 60. Faks (.0047) 55 50 97 68. Mob. (.0047) 99 63 11 73.

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