Self-Transcendence 24/48 Hour Race, Kladno 2011 Results

The Self-Transcendence 24/48 Hour race in Kladno in the Czech Republic took place July 27th with 32 hours of rain hosted by the Czech members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

The 24 hour which was also the Czech 24 Hour Championships, was won for the second year in a row by Daniel Orálek with 215,212 km.The womens race was won by Renata Horáková 171,243 km.

Dipali Cunningham, the 6 day race champion, led early on but was eventually passed by Cornelia Bullig who held on to win. Dipali set a new Australian record with 332 km. Kaneenika Janakova also the 10 day race champion, set a new Slovakian 48 hour mark as well.

Womens 48 Hour Results

Cornelia Bullig 343.302
Dipali Cunnigham 332.534
Kaneenika Janáková 301.077
Silke Gielen 289.084
Martina Neme?ková 273.217
Zuzana Docziová 271.71
Nidhruvi Zimmermann 242.079
Vasuprada Funk 188.035
Annie van Rossum 133.468

Mens 48 Hour Results

Jirí Hofman 310.135
Petr Solni?ka 302.084
Pranab Vladovi? 276.401
Djuro Dobrijevi? 230.314
Štefan Kr? 222.714
Miroslav Kostlivý 220
Mirko Leffler 202
Andreij Kapeljush 187.071
Norbert Künkel 185.435
Valery Kruglikov 181.375
Leo Stierhof 150.942
Karl-Gustav Nyström 139
Pedro Gaspar 70
Petr Tuma 50

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