Tor de Geants 2011: Updates – The Second Day

Photo: Stefano Torrione

A unique challenge in the heart of the new giants of the Alps 5 THE ‘WORLD ENDURANCE TRAIL –  330 km and 24000 meters of altitude along the Alta Via della Valle d’Aosta. Second edition of 11 to 18 September 2011 – Courmayeur, Italy.

They withdrew in the night, the defending champion Ulrich Gross, Abele Blanc and Dennis Brunod in the Aosta Valley. The toughest endurance-trail in the world in terms of miles and elevation gain. It took 24 hours from the start to reap the first victims already excellent but most unexpected. Continuing the  running – the Spaniard Salvador Calvo Redondo (2) and Frenchman Christophe Le Saux (634), followed by Gregoire Millet (249) and Marco Gazzola (348).
Always in the lead among women, Anne Marie Gross (4) who now has her brother as a supporter who decided – after retiring – to devote herself to her.

Overcome with adrenaline champions trail left yesterday from Courmayeur have traveled the 17 km to La Thuile, where they arrived just over two hours from the start. Too much momentum, say experts. The hustle plays tricks on me: and so the run-up to the opponents, the altitude to deal with the hills and Entrelor Loson, the great heat and the cold came home after two hours e led to the withdrawal of 42 competitors. Among them the big favorite Ulrich Gross, because of a problem in the foot and the two axes Aosta Dennis Brunod and Abele Blanc, a prey to cramp.
Still fast but the Spaniard Salvador Calvo Redondo (2) and Frenchman Christophe Le Saux (634) that – at 12:49 and 13:13, respectively – have left you with a roadmap on average reduced by one hour compared to 2010. For them to stop at least two bases in life, trying to survive on the minimum hours of sleep  concedinge nothing to his opponents.
In pursuit French Gregoire Millet (249), brother of William (third last year) with whom she is conducting research related to physical reactions after extreme efforts, followed by Switzerland’s Marco Gazzola (348). First Italian, Marco Valle d’Aosta Camandona (616), in eleventh place.
Five hours of the first, still in the lead among women, there is Anne Marie Gross (4), followed by two other athletes Lombard, Patrizia Think Como (580) and Giuliana Arrigoni Lecco (623) all part of the Technical Team .

Keep an eye on the live site also the clash between East Shougo all Mochizuki, Japanese and Korean competitors Shim Jae Duk, a physical challenge and personal. To follow their heroes and / or friends can get into the race live and enter the bib number to access real-time status of each individual athlete.
During the night the rain has slowed the competitors in the Valgrisenche the disturbance caused major disruption. Fortunately in the early hours of this morning the bad weather has given way to the sun which immediately reassured all runners hilum along the path, turning once new enthusiasm and hope. The forecast for the week are good and there are no rainfall until the deadline set for Saturday, September 17. The race is now all in the legs and head of our heroes.

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