Silverton 6 Day Race 2017 – Updates 41 Hours

silverton course

Silverton 6 Day Race 2017 – Updates 41 Hours

Scott Thompson has a clear lead at the Silverton 1000 taking place at the Kendall Mountain Recreation Area in Silverton, Colorado. Second place is 16 year old Cameron Plate and in third is leading lady Noel Quinn.

11MScott Thompson3998157.7241:28:42
22MCameron Plate1680128.7537:43:27
31FNoel Quinn3466106.2237:43:27
43MRick Cheever346198.1741:30:46
52FPatricia Carroll675893.3441:23:53
64MMike Garcia695893.3441:23:53
75MVincent Ma475486.937:43:27
86MElijah Vazquez253556.3337:43:27
93FSophia Vazquez253556.3337:43:27
107MCriss Furman703353.1137:43:27
114FPati Coury593048.2837:43:27
128MRaul Olmo593048.2837:54:24
135FMae Martinez692946.6737:43:27
146FBenita Shults5269.6637:43:27

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