Running Festival Wychwood 6 Day Race 2018

Running Festival Circuits Wychwood
Photo courtesy Eric Wright

The Running Festival Wychwood 6 Day Race 2018 got underway at 12:00 noon on Sundday 16th December with 18 starters.  The event features 6,12,24 hour races and a 100 mile race. Stefan Roodt posted on Facebook:  “Wychwood Running Festival 100 Mile Winners – Tobie Reyneke finished his 50th life time 100 miler in 22:56:24 and Cornel Metcalfe the first woman in 23:23:34”

In the 6 day, Reganald Crowster leads Frik Du Preez and in the women’s race Amanda Economon leads Pumla Mjoli.

At 55 hours, these were the top positions in the 6 Day Race.

Pos Name Km
1 Reganald Crowster 210
2 Frik Du Preez 200
3 Steve Beetge 192.5
1 Amanda Economon 194
2 Pumla Mjoli 158.5
3 Mireille Cormier 155

Current results:
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