6 Jours de France 2023 – Prelimnary Results

6 jours de france

6 Jours de France 2023, the French 6 Day Race was this year dedicated to founder Gerard Cain on its 20th anniversary.

The women’s 6 day was won by Françoise Benet (FRA) with 644.82 km in her first event over 24 hours. Françoise battled with women’s early leader Amy Mower (USA) to take the victory on the last day. Amy finished with 632,550 km. Edith Doyen (FRA) who won the 2022 TransEspaña, took third spot also in her first 6 day race averaging 101 km a day to finish with 611,131 km.

Bob Hearn (USA) 758,366 km, led from the early stages to take the win after a run of 6 day events experiencing various issues that prevented him from performing at the standards he wished. Bob posted some notes on his facebook page which is linked  to below.

Richard McChesney (NZL) was first walker, second overall and fourth all-time best 6-day walking total with 711,299 km. Womens 6 day winner in the walking category was Claudie Bizard (FRA) with 605,171 km.

Tiziano Marchesi (ITA) broke 400km finishing with 407,218 km in the men’s 48 hour.

Full results at the link below.


Pos Name Ctry Km
Women 6 Day
1 Françoise Benet FRA 644,820
2 Amy Mower USA 632,550
3 Edith Doyen FRA 611,131
Men 6 Day
1 Bob Hearn USA 758,366
2 Franck Joubert FRA 655,211
3 Christian Perchoc FRA 632,550
Women 6 Day Walkers
1 Claudie Bizard FRA 605,171
2 Sabrina Freyburger FRA 533,901
3 Sylvie Biraud FRA 343,846
Men 6 Day Walkers
1 Richard McChesney NZL 711,299
2 Dominique Delange FRA 650,192
3 Fabrizio Pavone ITA 646,544
Women 48 Hours
1 Maria Ilaria Fossati ITA 233,545
2 Sylvie Vivard FRA 202,457
3 Michelle White GBR 113,064
Men 48 Hours
1 Tiziano Marchesi ITA 407,218
2 Javier Bernabeu Molina ESP 289,235
3 Alain Malfondet FRA 255,406
Women 24 Hours
1 Anne-Catherine Mercier Pechinot FRA 171,587
2 Angélique Delafaite FRA 145,958
3 Julie Regnier FRA 124,520
Men 24 Hours
1 Ray Qi FRA 202,942
2 Pierre Aubery FRA 181,444
3 Jean-Claude Grimaud FRA 168,872


Full results on the race website: 6 Jours de France
Bob Hearns Facebook page

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