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As the 2009 Athens Ultramarathon Festival in Greece winds down, ultrarunners are taking on a new challenge in the McNaughton Park Trail races in Pekin, IL. Race director Andy Weinberg has established the integrity of the race and something for everyone is available with the current format of 50 m, 100 m, and Americas only 150 mile race.

Updates are available at time to run.net

The 17th of April sees the start of  the Sakura Michi Nature Run 250km run followed two days later by possibly the most spectacular ultrarunning event of the year – the Trans-Europa 64 day stage race which starts in Bari on the southeast coast of Italy. No brits and only one American runner are taking p[art in this running extravaganza. Russel Secker, from Austin, Texas will be keeping a blog of the experience and there will also be links to the race site in the Current Events widget .

An intense time on the multiday calendar sees 7 multiday races starting over the next 9 days.

April the 22nd sees my old friend the Self-Transcendence 10 Day race begin and features Wolfgang Schwerk who has just finished the 48 hour in Athens and Canadian Michel Gouin who set a treadmill record a few months ago. The ladies race will see Kaneenika Janakova, Slovakias top female multiday runner with Sarah Barnett, fresh from her outright victory in South Africa at the George Archer 6 day race.

The Self-Transcendence 6 day this year will start on the 26th of April and Australian World record holder Dipali Cunningham will be racing with Pam Reed for the first time. In the mens 6 day, a large contingent of Americans and Ultralisters will be present providing competition for Vlastimil Dvoracek, who tried his hand at the 3100 a few years back.  Mark Dorion, Pete Stringer and Andy Cable will no doubt be tweeting away to the ultralist whilst grappling with dinosaura and the local wildlife of Flushing Meadow Park, in Queens, New York. We wish them fair weather.

Just before the 6 day gets underway the American Odyssey Relay takes place on the April 24th.mThe race will start in Gettysburg, PA and finishes some 200 miles later in Washington

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