The Last Annual Vol State Road Race 2013


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So, just what is “The Last Annual Vol State Road Race? And more importantly, why would anyone (in their right mind) want to even attempt it???
First of all, a description of the Race…
The Start line is at Dorena Landing, MO. The Finish line is Castle Rock, GA. 314-ish miles total (500K). Most of the distance is run through Tennessee, so I guess that’s where the “Vol” part came from.
Although it’s called “The Last Annual Vol State Road Race”, it’s neither “The Last Annual” nor really even a race. “The Last Annual” part is a joke among the organizers (there aren’t really any official organizer’s, but we gotta blame somebody for all that pain!). It’s been run continuously since 1981.
There’s no entry fee, no prizes, no aid stations. There are 2 main divisions: “Crewed” and “Un-crewed”, or as some call it, “Un-screwed”! There’s also a relay division.
I am entering in the “Un-screwed” division 🙂 That means I am responsible for getting myself from the Start to the Finish all on my own. I have to get there on my own 2 feet. No rides in any vehicle (unless ordered to by Law Enforcement).
I am on my own to find food, lodging, and resting places along the way, however, I can take help from strangers as long as it’s not a ride.
A map of the course is provided as well as a GPS route. It’s my responsibility to follow the correct route to get me to the Finish Line.
Each participant has 10 days to complete the “Race”.
This year’s Race will be run July 11-21, 2013.

Jan Redmond Walker

Editor: At the time of posting there are 53 names in total on the lists.

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  1. Way to go! Walkers/runners came by my home on Hwy 22…drove my indoor dog mad! he wanted to know why you weren’t stopping to say hello….Safe journeys to all and God be with you along the way.

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