Vol-State 2010 Update 16

Posted on the Ultralist:
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 20:07:30 -0400
From: Carl Laniak
Subject: vol state update 16 – free tickets to the pandemonium concert

131 hours.

Folks, the spectators are lining the roads.The carnage on the vol state road is more than gory and graphic, it is a bloodbath. If you live in the Southeastern united states, you better hurry to the rock early tomorrow morning. The crowds will be lining the roads, cheering in whoever wins, and whoever manages to finish.

runners are leaning, hurting, sweating…
their bodies are cut, bruised, run dry…
they are in their own special corner of hell…

For 30 years the vol state has been lying in wait for these wobblers.

(mi 281)
Juli’s incredible strength could not carry her to the finish without some rest. She is down, not yet to Jasper.
An epic 3 hour fight garnered her but 1.25 miles this afternoon. Have you ever dreamed going that far could be that hard?
Will you ever face that amount of discomfort at home on the couch? She is somewhere just past Tracy City. resting. begging her body for some respite.

(mi 272)
Everyone’s favorite doctor, Joe Ninke, is but 9 miles behind, but his tank is also exhausted. As soon as he makes monteagle he plans to rest. But joe doesn’t use his rooms for long….

(mi 270)
Fred has been leapfrogging joe for the better part of a week now. He plans for no sleep, and only takes it when his eyes accidentally close. He is on the long road from Manchester, with Monteagle Mountain looming high above his head. By now we may have two wobblers on the climb.

Don Winkley and crew extraordinaire Donald have computed (to the minute) that Don could finish by 11am.
Will it be enough to crown a septuagenarian king?

Marv is laughing in Laz’s face, his 50k per day pace is quite comfortable, thank you. He’ll be in Columbia by morning.

Can anyone finish under 6 days?
Can the rock hold all the crowds?
Come on out and join us witnessing greatness.

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