Juli Aistars Wins 2010 Vol State

Juli Aistars overcame personal physical challenges to win the 2010 Last Annual Vol State Race in 5 days 22:01:33.

Posted on the Ultralist:
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2010 12:40:31 +0000
From: lazarus lake
Subject: king juli the lean

I see it’s old news that there is a new king. Juli’s final miles were not a pretty sight – her “lean” became more of a spiral bending her 90 degrees at the waist (never saw a moebius runner before). She was supporting herself with a stick and slowly hobbling at one mile an hour… while Joe closed in relentlessly.

In the end he came up a couple of miles short but what an effort those guys gave bringing it home from Manchester.

Right now Don and Fred are duking it out for third with Fred holding a few hundred meters lead. Those guys are also on long final stretches Dons since Manchester and Fred since Culleoka.

By the way, Joe Ninke’s time was… 5:23:09:59 his immediate response “Perfect, my goal was to break 5:23:10!”

Current Finishers

Juli Aistars – 5 days 22:01:33
Joe Ninke – 5 days 23:10
Don Winkley- 6 days 04:31:44
Fred Davis – 6 days 05:09:08

Checkout the details @ http://tiny.cc/dkt76

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