The Last Annual Vol-State Race 2012 – Update 7

Dan Fox
Feral Fox, leading in lewisburg. Photo Carl Laniak
Dan Fox
Feral Fox, leading in Lewisburg  Photo: Carl Laniak

The Last Annual Vol-State Race 2012

today saw the first warm weather of the event. the promised thunderstorms never materialized, instead the runners were treated to mid-90’s with a blowtorch sun.

mid-90’s isnt all that hot. but the foot of water that fell on the course yesterday came up at the runners from the ground today, in the form of steam. suffering was evident, and some drops resulted.

the feral fox made his move today, running down paul in culleoka (about 185) and then pulling away through the late morning and afternoon. we saw dan eating “lunch” in lewisburg at a little after 1400 hours. he was running strong. he has opened up a 20 mile lead, the biggest anyone has held since day 1.

dan made a statement this afternoon, today the whole nature of the event has changed at the front. no more fruitbasket turnover. rest breaks are calculated and measured. end of game race tactics are taking shape. the race is on, and people are fighting to position themselves for that last run to the rock….
which is still a day or so away.

the runners still approaching columbia will undergo that transition tomorrow.

it only gets better from here on in.
(better for the spectators. the runners are in hell)

1) dan fox 222 (moving)
2) paul lefelhocz 202 (on break)
3) juli aistars 202 (on break)
4) joshua holmes 197 (moving)
5) thomas mikkelson 194 (moving)
6-7) jay dobrolewski and sulaiman sericki 180 (moving)
8) charlie taylor 170 (moving)
9) sherry meador 167 (moving)
10) john price 166 (moving)
11) richard westbrook 165 (moving)
12) psyche winberly 157 (moving)
13) sal coll 156 (gone home)
14-15-16-17) jan silverman, shannon burke, dusty hardman, rita barnes 144 (resting in hohenwald)
18) fred davis 125 (gone home)
19) erika matheny/adam vess relay 122 (gone home)
20) diane taylor 117 (moving)
21) mike melton 107 (on break)
22) marvin skagerberg 104 (moving)
23) oprah 103 (moving)
24) abi meadows 100 (gone home)

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