The Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2012 – Day 28

chart of 3100 mile race positions

chart of 3100 mile race positionsThe Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race has reached day 28 and the leader, Australias Grahak Cunningham hit 2002 miles at the end of the day. Second placed Sarvagata Ukrainskyi  continues to gnaw away at Grahak’s lead which is 42 miles – down from 77 a week ago. Both runners ran over 70 miles yesterday with Sarvagata run 70+ miles in 15 of the last 17 days to increase the pressure on the leader.

Perfection-Journey has a post yesterday with Pradeep and Grahak discusssing the race with Utpal. Its well worth a read. Utpal asked Grahak how he feels about Sarvagata who is getting closer and closer to him each day. Grahak said “I am kind of resigned to the fact that he will pass me.  It doesn’t worry me.  Having him behind me has made we do way more miles than I would do otherwise.  It has really been inspiring me.  I think it has been the same for him having someone to chase.  He is an incredible athlete, the mileage he is doing… If you look at his laps on the sheet, every day he has done like 75 miles, and more.  That is the type of mileage that only one person has ever done before consistently, and that is Madhupran (Wolfgang Schwerk).  It is just amazing.”

Pranjal has steadily put space between himself and Pushkar and has a 25 mile cushion. Atmavir has recovered from an injury and edged in front of Stutisheel to take the 5th spot and only 19 miles behind Stutisheel is Vasu Duzhiy who last night reached 1700 miles.

Arpan has been struggling with Shin Splints on and off throughout the race while yesterday although Pradeep also had a down day, he has been running better of late and Baladev and Ananda-Lahari had their best days for two weeks.

Temperatures are forecast to be hot and humid for the first part of this week – mid 90’s before cooling down again.

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