The 2007 UK Montrail Ultra-Running Championships

The 2007 UK Montrail Ultra-Running Championships is made up of 12 of mountain and trail events of marathon and ultra distance.
“Mountain Endurance Sports have seen an upsurge of interest in the last few years with many people being attracted to the excitement of Adventure Racing and the challenge of Mountain Marathons. In the UK we have some of the finest mountain/trail running terrain available and many great races. Some have a long heritage stemming from Victorian days when huge wagers were made on feats of endurance; others are more recent additions to the calendar. What they all share is camaraderie, superb scenery, a real challenge and a personal sense of achievement for those who finish.

The Montrail Ultra-running Championship has been devised to help promote the sport in the UK and to provide a framework and a challenge for those making a start in the sport or wanting to further develop their potential.”

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Also the [|UK Ultra calendar] has been updated and new events are being added. The home of multiday running news and events.

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