Claudia Weber and Thomas Wenning Break 7 Day Treadmill World Records.

Claudia Weber and Thomas Wenning break 7 day treadmill world records.

Posted by Tony Mangan.

[[Thomas Wenning]] began an attempt on the world 24 hour treadmill record of 659.27 kilömetres in 7 days currently held by Australian Joachim Sureshl. In the ladies event no best mark had been recorded,so the aim of Claudia was to reach 600 kilometres in 7 days.

alan_claudia_thom-1 copy.jpgThe event was held in a shopping centre in Bocholt, Westfalia, Germany. The treadmills were set up in a spot where the shoppers could chat with the runners.

The first success came only after 2 days when Claudia set a new world record of 199.07 kilometres in 48 hours. In the same time Thomas had reached 209 kilometres,approximately 100 kilometres per day,well on schedule.After 6 days,6 hours and 44 minutes Thomas’s wish came true,he had reached the best mark of the Australian and now he could try for the new world record of over 700 kilometres.

Claudia set a benchmark with 636.09 kilometres and Thomas had beaten the old record by almost 60 kilometres with a new worlds best of 717.85 kilometres.The greatest wish of the new world record holders after 7days on the treadmills was to eat a steak and drink a non alcoholic beer.

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