Sri Chinmoy Ten and Six Day Races 2018 – Day 4

Ilvaka Nemcova
Ilvaka Nemcova Photo by Utpal Marshall

Day 4 of the Sri Chinmoy Ten and Six Day Races 2018. Budjargal Byambaa had an immense day clocking 97 miles while Ashprihanal developed a fever yet still manged to record a 55 mile day. Nicolae also had a good day covering 74 miles. Pawel Zuk in 4th and Yuri Trostenyuk in 5th both had 80+ mile days

Susan Marshall dropped 16 miles on her day 6 total of 61 miles and Ilvaka reduced Susan’s lead to 5 miles whilst Nataliya closed in with a 61.6 mile day to take the days honours. The weather is cold, especially at night and the forecast is for this to continue.

The Sri Chinmoy Six day race got underway at noon.

Men10 Day Race
1Budjargal ByambaaMON377.6
2Ashprihanal AaltoFIN360
3Nicolae BuceanuROM316.6
33 starters
Women10 Day Race
1Susan MarshallNZL260.8
2Ilvaka NemcovaCZE255.2
3Nataliya HlushchukUKR254.4
18 starters

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Utpal Marshalls Daily Race video and photo blog, Perfection-Journey: Dive Deep Within
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