Silverton 1000 Multi-Day Runs 2017


The 2017 edition of the Silverton 1000 Multi-Day Runs will take place August 11-17 in Silverton, Colorado. These go-as-you-please events take place with the clock is always running.
The events take place on a 1 mile trail loop around the Kendall Mountain Recreation Area with 250 feet gain & loss each loop.
Awards are based on cumulative mileage over the fixed time of the race.
There will be 6 day, 72 hour, 48 hour, 24 hour, 12 hour and 6 hour options which start at 9:00 am Mountain Daylight Time on staggered days commencing Friday, August 11, 2017 with the 6 Day, 72 Hour, 48 and 24 Hour races.
Entry closes on Tuesday 8th August.

Race website:
Facebook: Silverton 1000 Multi-Day Runs The home of multiday running news and events.

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