Self-Transcendence 6 & 10 Day Runners 2008

Provisional list of runners signed up to run in the 13th annual 10 Day race and the 11th annual 6 Day race taking place in April/May soo8 in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens New York.

A new and updated list will appear shortly on the Sri Chinmoy Races site.

Race starts April 23rd – May 3rd

Self-Transcendence 6 & 10 day races 2008
10 Day Men
Madhupran Schwerk 52 Solingen Germany
Achim Heukemes 56 Grafenberg Germany
Bob Oberkher 53 Northvale, NY USA
Donald Landry 62 Montreal Canada
Luis Rios 60 Brooklyn,NY USA
Chanakhya Jakovic 54 Jamaica,NY USA
Viddyut Balmer 25 San Francisco USA
Manfred Edinger 46 Vienna Austria
Michel Gouin 47 Drummondville Quebec
Klaus Schulz 67 Berlin Germany
Jewgenij Kuschnow 29 Vienna Austria
10 Day Women
Lenka Svecova 33 Brno Czech
Karnayati Morison 61 Ottawa,Ont Canada
Ivana Nemcova 27 Prague Czech Republic
Ingrid Kirschner 42 Munich Germany
Marion Landry 63 Montreal Canada
Shishaldin Hanlen 26 Brooklyn USA
Vishuddhi Trummer 45 Wels Austria
Alfia Olga Soboleva 45 Smolensk Russia
Sylva Stradalova 29 Zlin Czech Republic
Dagmar Grossheim 46 Grafenberg Germany
Tirtha Voelckner 36 Munich Germany
Six Day Men
Katsuhiro Tanaka 36 Kanagawa Japan
Petr Spacil 29 Zlin Czech Republic
Pranjal Moilovnik 35 Bratislava Slovakia
Pete Stringer 66 Osterville, MA USA
Frederick Riemer 60 Salt Lake City,UT USA
Sam Soccoli 76 N.Babylon,NY USA
Janos Derekas 27 Budapest Hungary
Kamil Kozub 32 Zlin Czech Republic
Gabor Rongits 30 Budapest Hungary
Purna-Samarpan Querhammer 30 Hamburg Germany
Daulot Fountain 51 Seattle USA
Petr Simicek 31 Brno Czech Republic
Michal Petricek 43 Brno Czech Republic
Six Day Women
Dipali Cunningham 49 Melbourne Australia
Kaneenika Janakova 38 Bratislava Slovakia
Barbara Sorrell 50 Delmar USA
Vedisha Papp 42 Budapest Hungary
Ujjwala Mettrick 22 Christchurch NZ The home of multiday running news and events.


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