April 13 & Ultra Events

Forty-four years ago today (April 13), a young Sri Chinmoy arrived on U.S. soil. He would go on to found more ultramarathon events than possibly any other individual in history. Certainly Sri Chinmoy inspired more multi-day ultras than anyone. He will be with us all in spirit at the big New York Self-Transcendence 6 and 10 day events, which commence April 23 in historic Flushing Meadows. Today on an easy10 mile jog around my neighborhood I kept seeing Sri Chinmoy’s smiling face amongst the sidewalk and parking lot pedestrians.

Some longtime ultrarunners have pointed out that a supporter of, and timer at, various Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team events, the legendary Rich Innamorato of New York City and the Broadway Ultra Society, has also inspired, organized and directed HUNDREDS of ultras. Both men are heroes of mine.

Today, April 13, there was a special 12 hour racewalk in Queens honoring Sri Chinmoy.

By coincidence, a 6 day race in tiny Douglas, Arizona (200 miles west of El Paso/ Las Cruces), started today with 15 runners. I can’t provide any details (maybe someone can), but do know that in 2008 the spirit of multi-day, go-as-you-please running is alive and well around the world, with eight (8) different 6 day races I count on tap during the year. In addition there are various other multi-day races, with the longest I find being the Self-Trans 3100 mile that starts June 15 on the shady-treed paths around Edison High School in Queens.

Best wishes to all ultrarunners around the globe,

Mark Dorion
El Paso, TX, USA

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