La Petite Trotte à Léon 2008

Monday 18th March 2008

La Petite Trotte à Léon – A new event for 2008
The first “full” circuit of Mont Blanc : 27-31 August 2008

After the main race, the UTMB®(Tour du Mont-Blanc), then the CCC® (Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix), born 2 years ago, a new event is appearing on the paths of the Tour du Mont Blanc: the Petite Trotte to Léon.

La Petite Trotte à Léon : 3 countries – 220 km and 17,000 m of + altitude change
A raid without rankings opening to 50 inseparable teams of 3 people over 100 h maxi

La "Petite Trotte à Léon" is an event for “inseparable” teams of 3 people (of which at least 2 have completed the UTMB®) with the aim of covering the full circuit of Mont-Blanc. That means 220 km with approximately 17,000 metres of height gain. This “ultra-hike” takes place in complete autonomy from the UTMB and CCC events, with rest and refreshments provided in the different refuges passed through.

La Petite Trotte must be completed inside the maximum given time of 100 hours; from 8am on Wednesday 27th August until noon on Sunday 31st August. Participants in the event will not be ranked. In fact, finishing the circuit is already a challenge in itself and a ranking could cause safety problems. However each team member to complete the course will receive a certificate. The team of three is inseparable from the start to the end of the event.

The organisation is at pains to point out to potential competitors the difficulties and dangerous objectives of this new event. The Petite Trotte à Léon will take places on paths far more “committing” than those of the UTMB® : narrow paths, very steep slopes, possible stone falls, land slips and risks of getting lost. Often taking place at heights of over 2,500 metres, the course can be a long way from any refuge and in cases of poor weather, route finding can be difficult. Finally, there will no other assistance other than that usually supplied by the refuges, except for evacuations where necessary.

Race Control set up from the Start and through the entire event will continually follow the progress of the teams. Each team will be fitted out with a GPS/GSM radio beacon sending out a signal approximately every 15 minutes. This information will also be available on the Internet and will enable constant viewing of the teams on Google Earth.

A little walk which has nothing to do with a little walk…

The course will follow mapped paths, but will not be specifically sign posted.
A 100% mountain and country course (less than 5km of made-up roads).
A specific road book, with all the maps at a scale of 1:25,000 of the definitive course of the Petite Trotte will be given to each runner in June 2008.

The course actually planned is as follows: Chamonix – Bel Achat – Servoz – Prarion – Col de Voza – Col du Tricot – Miage – Refuge de Tré la Tête – Col du Bonhomme – Col des Fours – Col de la Seigne – Refuge Elisabetta – Col des Chavannes – Mont Fortin – Col du Berrio Blanc (2848m) – Col de la Youlaz – Col Chécrouit – Courmayeur – Refuge Bertone – Mont de la Saxe – Col Sapin – Entre Deux Seaux – Col Malatra (2930m = the highest point on the course) – Col des Ceingles (2817m) – Col de St Rhémy – Col du Gd St Bernard – Col des Chevaux – Col du Bastillon – Lacs de Fenêtre – Col de l’Arpalle – Col du névé de la Rousse – Combe de l’A – Bavon – Praz de Fort – Champex (chez Léon) – Fenètre d’Arpette – Col de la Forclaz – l’Arpille – Le Trétien – Emosson – Col de la Terrasse – La Loriaz – Col des Montets – Lac Blanc – Col de la Glière – La Charlanon – Chamonix

A list of essential (but not exhaustive) kit items required per team and per person will be checked at the start. This includes items such as a bivouac tent, a rescue pack, a digital device vouching for the presence of the three runners at obligatory points and at least one mobile telephone with an international option…
The team of three will have to remain inseparable (therefore united!) from the Start to the Finish of the event.

This new event is a major first.
An unforgettable and authentic experience for the runners.
Without doubt, about suspense, about emotion and about great sporting exploits!

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