Anton Krupicka Talks About Why He Runs

“Trail running in general-and ultra running in particular-provides an opportunity for me to tap into a seemingly more pure, stripped down, primal existence as a human being that is largely unavailable in the banality of my daily engagements as a usual member of modern society. When I am out running on the trails I am transformed from cosmopolitan city-dweller to Neolithic hunter-gatherer. This unfettered state of being seems to only truly come into existence after several hours out on the mountain trails where my being is flayed and refined to a point where nothing else remains but those elements of my constitution that are signifiers of an authentic existence.”

“Going running all day in our present society is completely pointless, but there is a big difference between something having a point and something having meaning. Instead of concrete goals (a point), I am much more motivated by my conception of and pursuit of unreasonable hopes and crazy, irrational possibilities, and ultrarunning provides an arena for these hopes and possibilities and action without reason.”

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