Running Festival Wychwood 20 Day Race 2019

The Running Festival Wychwood 20 Day Race is just past the 72 hour mark in Wychwood, Germiston in Johannesburg South Africa. The event is taking place on a newly paved 500m brick and concrete path.
Celebrating the end of a decade and the start of a new one, the event features a huge range of options in the 20 days including 1000 mile and 1000 km events, 10 and 6 day, 72,48 hours and a 24 each day.
The first 20 day race in South Africa is being led by Kobi Oren (ISR) and leading the women is Sarah Barnett (AUS). 16 runners taking part.


Pos Name Ctry Km
1 Kobi Oren ISR 402.5
2 Fred Davis USA 274.5
3 Bill Heldenbrand USA 242.5
1 Sarah Barnett AUS 248.5
2 Pumla Mjoli RSA 233
3 Marti Boesenberg RSA 223.5

Live results:
Facebook group: Running Festival Circuits
Race website: The home of multiday running news and events.

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