Privas 6 Day Race 2017 – 6 Jours de France

6 jours de france 2017

The 12th 6 Jours de France, Privas 6 day race 2017,  takes place in Southeast France starting August 20th. The course is flat, 1025 m on track and gravel.

A quick glance at the entrants shows the race at the front will include (pb’s listed in km in parenthesis)

  1. Olivier Chaigne (920) prohibitive favorite
  2. Lister, Christian Mauduit (871) – over 800km in each of his 3 attempts at 6days. Keep an eye on him. Plans well and executes well. For lack of a better short analogy, imagine Bob Hearn running a 6 day.
  3. JL Posado-Perez (830) – oldest one of the four and hasn’t had a quality 6 day in five years.
  4. Denis Orsini (732)
  5. Emmanuel Fontaine – 6 day novice, but 254 km pb for 24 hours

A short note about the top two men, both Olivier and Christian are studs who go into races well-prepared and race everything from gnarly steep trails to short loop multidays and road ultras. I support doing what you enjoy and are good at – but as a fan of the sport, I have particular fondness for those who do anything and everything.

Not ignoring the women, but the two strong competitors I saw at a glance were Sarah Barnett (714 – in ’09), who is best over longer distances, and  (701 – in ’12), whose best race is from 5 years ago.

Race entrants

Race website

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