Lee Chamberlain Sets New 7 Day Treadmill Record


Lee Chamberlain has succeeded in his attempt to set a new record for running 7 days on a treadmill in The Mall Shopping Centre, Camberley, Surrey. Lee covered 468.04 miles (753.237km), surpassing the old record of 461 miles. Tony Mangan was in touch with Lee during the event and kindly sent some notes

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Tuesday Night.

Hi Tony, thanks for thinking of me.. Well Sunday was a very bad day for me, lost at least 20 mile through having diarrhea … Wasn’t a happy man that day, so behind behind schedule on day 2.. Not good.. I’m at Half way point of 220 miles (354km) but sopped early to go have nice shower n get out of center..so up at 1 am today to get extra 20 mile in before my normal plan. Hopefully catch back up to be on track for record.. Hopefully trying for 470 miles (756km) to 480 miles (772km)now.. Shame I was ill, body is starting to hurt now, but yep run on and see how it goes… Might hold the record for a short time..lol feel free to put info anywhere u want, its nice to update the runners out there.. I’m sure the people in the shopping center here thinks its a simple walk in the park,, they can’t relate to it.. Lol. Hope ur well..

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Wednesday morning.
Well better morning, has been hard going but feel ok. Caught back up a good bit.. Will be 245 (394km) at 7am if I can do another cpl good days I might be closer to 500 (804.6km), we’ll see !!! ..

Well shoppers arrive soon, perk me up bit more. Will try and give you an update tonight if u want..lee Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Wednesday 23.00hrs.
Back on track, 290.12 miles (466.9km)complete..

Saturday morning 11am.
Thank you so much,, just done 462 miles (743.5km) which is new record just.. Gonna try get 4 or 5 mile in last hour

Hi Tony, I completed 468.04 miles.. (753.237km) If I hadn’t had been ill it would have been better but there we go.. Thanks for your support. Lee.

Attempt website: www.leechamberlain.co.uk/

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