Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 2018 Results

Ed Ettinghausen and Greg Salveson
Ed Ettinghausen and Greg Salveson Photo courtesy Run Aficionado Santos

Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 2018 is done and dusted in Sin City. Featuring a full weekend palette, 48/24/12/6, 100/50 mile plus a marathon this is an interesting race in the desert.

From the website: “Produced by Beyond Limits Running, the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival on Presidents’ Weekend 2018 (February 16-18) at Southern Nevada’s newest and largest amenity-filled park. Located minutes from the Las Vegas strip and just 10 miles from Las Vegas Airport, the $16 million, 100 acre Cornerstone Park is nestled among desert landscape and is anchored by a 31 acre bird sanctuary lake. The lake is surrounded by a massive grass area, entertainment plaza, individual picnic pavilions with lake views, walking/running trails, volleyball and basketball courts, restrooms, BBQ’s, a warming kitchen and ample parking.
Greg Salvesen took the title at the 48 hour with 205 miles and Cheryl Symons was first lady, third overall with 195 miles.
In the 24 hour Michael Stegura, 117.5 miles won the 24 hour and Jen Francis won the womens event with 102.5 miles.

Men48 hour
1Greg Salvesen205
2Ed Ettinghausen202.5
3Matthew Humes137.5
Women48 hour
1Cheryl Symons195
2Leia Anderson175
3Karla Kent152.5
Men24 hour
1Michael Stegura117.5
2Oscar Hernandez107.5
3Carl Wilson100
Women24 hour
1Jen Francis102.5
2Rachel Wrightson100
3Angeline Whitworth Pace62.5
Men12 hour
1Jon Noll80
2Phillip Espinoza70
3Johnathan de Jesus52.5
Women12 hour
1Chavet Breslin70
2Vanessa Jones55
3Anita Fromm52.5
Men6 hour
1Peter Banks42.5
2Miguel Vivaldo35
3Jake Schneider32.5
Women6 hour
1Nicole Flangas30
2Jessica Whynott22.5
Men100 milesTime
1Jon Olsen13:39:30
2Jean Pommier15:34:07
3Kermit Cuff19:11:26
Women100 miles
1Traci Falbo17:03:09
2Caroline Wiebe23:55:24
3Pamela Geernaert24:20:16
Men50 milesTime
1Eric Haselby08:15:56
2Randy Compton12:11:52
3Marshall Brown14:36:33
Women50 miles
1Michelle West09:17:08
2Sarah Jackson11:41:28
3Kim King15:39:06

Live results: Jackpotultrarunningfestivall
Website: www.beyondlimitsrunning.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeyondLimitsRunning
Photos: Run Aficionado Santos

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  1. It was a pleasure seeing Ed Ettinghausen and Greg Salveson do their thing out on the Jackpot 100. Thank you guys for motivating me to continue my journey. I hope to see you next year again! Never Stop Running! #R2I

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