Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 2018

Cheryl Symons
Cheryl Symons womens 48 hour leader Photo courtesy Run Aficionado Santos

The Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 2018 taking place in Henderson, NV is about the 42 hour point for the 48 hour runners. Greg Salveson leads Ed Ettinghausen 192.50 to 185 miles and Brian Hill is third man with 135 miles.

In the womens race, Cheryl Symons leads with 182.5, third overall. Second is Leia Anderson with 157.5, fourth overall and Karla Kent is currently third with 140 miles, fifth overall.
18 hours into the 24 hour race and Jen Francis leads with 100 miles and Michael Stegura leads the men with 97.5 miles.

Jon Olsen won the the featured race at the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival, the USATF 100 Mile National Road Championship, finishing in 13:39.
Traci Falbo wins the women’s USATF 100 Mile National Road Championship with a time of 17:03.

Live results: Jackpotultrarunningfestivall
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Photos: Run Aficionado Santos

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