HardRock 100 Endurance Run 2009

hardrockThe HardRock 100 mile Endurance Run is underway right now. One of the classic 100 mile races that take place in the US, Hardrock is a tough race in the San Juan Mountains in South West Colorado. The race traces a big loop that begins and ends in Silverton with 7,700 low and 14,000 feet high points 48 hours is the time limit. This year there are 140 runners listed as starting the race and many names are familiar to people who frequent the Ultralist or who subscribe to Ultrarunning magazine.

Karl Meltzer is leading the race at Chapman Gulch (82 miles). Leading lady is Diana Finkel, third place overall.

Progress via aid stations can be seen at www.hardrock100.com/index.asp

Tweets at Twitter.com/hardrock100

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