Recommendations: 50 Mile All Night Run & First 100 Miler

Hello fellow ultrarunners. I have some big plans coming up & am looking for some recommendations.


I am planning on running an all night 50 mile run in celebration of my 50th birthday this friday/Saturday. Additionally, I am scheduled to run my first 100 miler @ Heartland in October. I am experimenting with different foods & am aware that I need to be eating “real food” & not just GU.


Any suggestions as to what works well?

See you on the trail;

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Happily married for 26 years (2009) with 2 children; Michael - 20 & Christina - 14. I am 50 year old ultra distance runner. Love trail running. Completed 14 marathons & 8 ultramarathons (5 50kms, 2 50 milers, a 42 miler). I will be running my first 100 miler @ Heartland this October.

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