3 Days at the Fair – Augusta NJ

3 days at the fair

3 Days at the Fair 6 day race kicked off yesterday at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, Augusta NJ. The course is a certified 1 mile flat loop on pavement and crushed gravel and also features 72/48/24/12/6 hour races over the next few days plus a bunch of marathons. Ultra superstar Camille Herron will be taking part in the 48 hour which starts on 9:00 am Friday morning EDT.

Currently leading the 6 day is Amy Mower on 118 miles at the end of day one closely followed by Phil Eberts also on 118 miles as we write. Amy has set her sights on a record, probably the American women’s record and we wish her the best.

Standings after about 26 hours.

Pos Name Ctry Miles
1 Phil Eberts USA 117
2 Matthew Humes USA 81
3 Thomas Nasuta USA 79
1 Amy Mower USA 117
2 Glenda Hernandez USA 76
3 Darlene Kresse USA 74

Live updates on the website: Liveatthefair.com/

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