24 hours of Saint-Denis-Westrem 2010

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Report of the 24 hours of Saint-Denis-Westrem Tuesday, October 26, 2010
On 16 and 17 October I took part in the course of 24 hours Saint-Denis-Westrem benefit of MSF. It is not an official Ultraloop. There is a relay race 24 hours for groups and one individual can run a few laps of 1.1 km, as in the 12 hours of Tielt. The Ghent Marathon Stefaan Engels did his daily marathon. MSF receive € 0.30 per km I discard. Because this year, a Belgian championship course is 24 hours, due to lack of candidates to organize, I was not trained for a 24 hours course. Only after the Dynamic Arun 18/09/2010 I start training specifically for 24 h.

I was planning to run as long as possible and then 24 hours to take off on foot, alternating with walking. It went fairly well until 12 hours. I had walked 94 km and in the lead with the individuals. But then I lack the training to feel more relaxed and I did. After 15 you got me very hard and I slept for 15 minutes when a 24 than you alternate walking with running. The last 5 you were not much walking. The applause at the finish the last hour always encouraged me to continue to do so until the end. Yet I was happy with the 152 km I had made. I expected not much more. I completed the second greatest distance with the individuals, but there were only two ultra-runners along. I also got the cup for the combative.

Ludo Schaerlaeckens won the individuals with 180 km. He did 24 you are almost full already walking. He’s a fast walker and he walked with a constant rate of – 8 km per h. Almost all are running 24 hours he does little more than 170km. In 2009 he won with 176 km. It was a wonderful organization that hopefully next year will continue because there are two 24 hours walking in Belgium.

Individual Results
1 BEL Ludo Schaerlaeckens 180.000
2 BEL Luc Maes 152.000
3 BEL Stefaan Engels 45.500

Luc Maes


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