The Gerard Denis 245km Road Race 2011


Attached to this email the registration of The Complete Denis Gerard, experimental non-stop race of 245 km which will take place on Saturday 16 and Sunday, July 17, 2011. The settlement is part of the registration form and everything fits on one page.

The 122 kilometer course in its forward direction (Roscoff – Mousterlin) have already been tested by a group of runners in July 2009 and in September 2010, who covered the distance in two stages but it was slightly adapted by some modifications to the edition of 2011 return. Doubling the distance to try to cover it in less than two days in fact a very consistent race with the particularity that participants must arrange their own support during the whole ordeal. Coincidentally, it happens that the distance as the height difference is very close to those of the mythical Spartathlon which runs between Athens and Sparta. The comparison stops there …

The course is online at, accessible through this link: (possible zoom the map to see the detail) and the corresponding profile is attached (it does not go up but it goes up a lot!). It completely crosses the department of Finistère its northern coast (Roscoff, English Channel) to the south coast (Point Mousterlin in Fouesnant, Atlantic Ocean) and the return is made by exactly the same path. The routes are really quiet, sometimes completely lost and are heavily forested landscapes in central Brittany. Countless old churches, chapels and shrines isolated in the countryside you will pray and implore the gods that you want when it becomes necessary …

Free hosting (gym) should be available to Roscoff to sleep Friday, July 15, the eve of departure and the night of Sunday to Monday after the arrival (tbc). Awards at the luncheon Monday at Roscoff.

Some riders (read runners) consider participating in the solo event without assistance. After full recognition, I would not recommend it because the opportunities to refuel en route are limited (few villages, some without shops, few habitatons in parts) and make it difficult to autonomy under load as a Mule . It is not always easy to find something to drink regularly. Those who wish to enter without assistance will be allowed to do so but at their own risk and should not rely on the assistance of other random followers. A solution for those could be to come and drop their supplies in advance in different parts of the route between the three supply points provided by the organization.

Other riders were considered to be assisted by a cyclist. I do not recommend it because the course is difficult (D total above 2500 meters) and some portions bikes loaded with supplies likely to have trouble keeping their rider. Besides the exercise duration may physically destroy a cyclist before his runner.

This very rural route can be divided into several sections:

Roscoff – St Pol de Leon – Penza (16 km). Mouthing, nice scenery, fields of artichokes, sea views and along the estuary of Penza.

Penza – Lake Drennec (26 km). More monotonous landscape, fields, tractors, a little more traffic and few trees. Return with already 200 km in the sticks, this stretch could be particularly tricky to negotiate.

Lake Drennec – Brasparts (15 km). Beautiful forest of St. Cadou first serious climb altitude to 210 meters. Brasparts = village with shops.

Brasparts – Pleyben (11 km). New route parallel to Route Départementale to avoid it. No traffic and still uneven. Pleyben = large town with many shops, known and visited for its impressive churchyard (photo below) to which you pass, you can even walk through the paddock and go under “The Gate of Death” (“Porz Ar Maro “) to see how it feels.

Pleyben – Gouézec – Edern (17 km). Long descent into the valley of Alder to the crossing of the Canal from Nantes to Brest and then pretty road with large and long ascent up to the site of the Rock of Fire (“An Karreg Tan”, 281 meters and culmination of the Black Mountains). Edern = village with shops.

Edern – Landudal – Kerdévot (15 km). Small road heavily wooded and flat up Landudal, tiny but richly village has two churches and an interesting ordeal. Then a larger stretch of road before reaching the magnificent site of the chapel Kerdévot, gem stone in lush greenery, which will mark miraculously Kilometre 100 all round.

Kerdévot – Troyolac’h (5 km). Short series of bumps but a high percentage, leading to the ZA Troyolac’h bordered by a busy road that will cross at peril of his life.

Troyolac’h – Fouesnant (9 km). Back in the quiet countryside flattens. A tiny road will provide access to the entrance of Fouesnant whose center will be closed and inaccessible because of the Feast of Apples, which takes place every year during the weekend of 14 in July. It will bypass the downtown area by a road very narrow and very steep.

Fouesnant – Mousterlin Point (8 km). Once out of Fouesnant, rolling road in false-flat down to the sea It’s the holidays, cars of tourists expected on this route to the sea that many will travel at night. Wearing a safety Glet highly recommended. 800 meters before reaching the sea at the crossroads of Trégonour you respectfully greet the home of Nicole and Gerard Denis whose adventures are walking behind it, before reaching the ocean as you drive along for 600 m time to take a look at the Archipelago Glénan silhouetted against the horizon (if it is night, it failed) to reach the checkpoint before the Bar-Restaurant Le Grand Large where you ‘ll deserve a good beer. After picking, it will do more than make a U-turn off your brain and set sail north to resume all the way backwards towards Roscoff 122 km

IT’S PARTY, THE REGISTRATION IS OPEN! So far, twenty people have expressed interest: Gérard Denis **! €, Philippe Favreau, Patrick Roblin! Philippe Brunschwig, * Stéphane Madec! * Patrice Ollive Christian Perchoc, ** Robert Michel (BEL) Costas Baxevanis (GRE), Federico Blanco (ESP), Yannick Dorle Bernard Constant *, Damien Gourdon, Said Kahla * (ALG), X (FIN), Fred Gallais! * * * Fred Borel! *, Jean-Claude Réant * Bruno Rouiller, Phil Gallou ** Sylvain Ethoré.


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