Vegetarian Diet and Endurance sports


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OrganicAthlete asked its Health and Nutrition Advisory Committee, “Why is a [tag]plant-based diet[/tag] optimal for [tag]health[/tag] and [tag]peak performance[/tag]?”

Here is what they said.

Brenda Davis, R.D., author of Becoming Vegan

“Plant-based diets offer exceptional fuel for peak performance and optimal health at every stage of the life cycle. [tag]Organic vegetables[/tag], [tag]fruits[/tag], [tag]legumes[/tag], [tag]whole grains[/tag], [tag] They also effectively minimize the most damaging components in the diet – trans fatty acids, saturated fat, cholesterol, pro-oxidants, refined carbohydrates and environmental contaminants. Plant-based diets are naturally high the most healthful form of carbohydrates, helping athletes maximize glycogen stores, and allowing for harder work for longer periods of time. Those choosing plant-based diets also reduce their lifetime risk of heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, gallbladder disease, and many immune/inflammatory disorders.

Read the whole article at: Organic

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  1. hello folks-

    its refreshing to see articles that speak about the vegan diet/lifestyle and how it can contribute to successful athletic perfomance. i’ve posted the article about scott jurek’s triumph in the spartathlon on my blog–very inspiring. keep up the great work.


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