Unixsport 48 Hour/6 Day 2012 -26 Hours Update

unix 6 day/48 hour raceThe Unixsport 48 Hour/6 Day International Ultramarathon Challenge in Balatonfüred, Hungary has entered its second day.

Wolfgang Schwerk leads with well over 200 km for the first day and currently on 245 km at 1:03:30:00. The early stages are likely to see changes in position as people establish break and sleep patterns. Nevertheless there were a considerable number of runners who completed 100 miles plus within the first 24 hour period.

For the women – Nagyné Bakucz Krisztina leads though its very close.

1 Wolfgang Schwerk GER 242.1
2 Martin Fryer AUS 205.2
3 Andrea Accorsi ITA 200.7
1 Nagyné Bakucz Krisztina HUN 164.7
2 Monica Barchetti ITA 159.3
3 Cornelia Bullig GER 158.4


Website: UNIX 6 Day/48 Hour Race
Live webcam on the site plus a live updated scoreboard

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