EMU 6 Day Race 2013 – Update 58 hours

emu-unix-Balatonfured 6 day race
William Sichel drawing close to Trond Sjavik Photo: Alan Young

Wolfgang Schwerk has moved into top spot in the EMU 6 Day Race in Hungary. Taking very little rest so far, Schwerk has roared ahead with Trond chasing. William Sichel has maintained a steady pace and has climbed into third spot. Johan van der Merwe has been stopped for 12 hours so that looks like a problem. Reports say that Sharon Gayter has had stomach problems and has dropped out. Krisztina Nagy (English spelling) has also had a great 24 hours – currently in 5th place

Update: according to Johan van der Merwe has pulled out.

Position Name Country Time
1 Wolfgang Schwerk M GER 385.22
2 Trond Sjavik M NOR 341.12
3 William Sichel M SCO 333.02
4 Johan van der Merwe M RSA 333.02
5 Nagyné Bakucz Krisztina F HUN 320.42
6 Pula Tamás M HUN 319.52
7 Miro Režonja M SLO 315.92
8 Radi Milev M BUL 301.52
9 Thomas Frunzke M GER 301.52
10 Ric Marini M RSA 299.72
11 Silke Gielen F GER 292.52
12 Ruth Jäger F GER 274.52

Race website and results: www.unixsport.hu

Facebook: EMU 6 day & 48 hour race

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