Ultramaraton de los Cañones, Chihuahua, Mexico 2011

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Date:    Fri, 22 Apr 2011 12:35:50 -0300
From:    “AGUILERA Hector TERNIUM [MX]”
Subject: Ultramaraton de los Cañones, Chihuahua, Mexico

I am going to be running my first 100k (63 miles) this July 16th, 2011 at the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, Mexico. Two years ago I ran the 63k (40 miles) version of it, and enjoyed it a lot.

I am not affiliated in any manner, nor pursue or receive any money for promoting this race, but would like to share the info just in case there is anyone interested on coming down to the Land of the Tarahumaras (Raramuris) and run with them a few miles…. It is not Caballo Blanco’s race, this is organized by the municipality of Guachochi and it is part of an extreme sport circuit of the Chihuahua State.

The race takes place in the Copper Canyon, specifically at the “Sinforosa” the queen of the Mexican Barrancas (Canyons).

It starts at the town of Guachochi, and it is run in soft terrain 100% (trails and dirt roads).

From Guachochi you run 10.6 flat miles to the cliff of the Canyon (altitude: 8250 ft / temperatures of avg 50 degrees).

From the cliff, you have to descent through trails 4700ft to the bottom of the cannon (altitude: 3550 ft / temperatures of avg 100 degrees), and then run until mile 24th to the Guachochi river (you don’t have to cross it anymore after a few years ago a Kenyan and a arahumara died trying to cross it with out a rope). From there, you ascend again 4700ft through a 5 mile trail to reach the mirador (view) (mile 30). From there is pancake flat until you reach the town of Guachochi at mile 40 (there is the end of the 40 mile race daaaugh). From there you run again until the cliff and back to complete the 100k or 63 miles at the town center.

There are a few aid stations. However the year I ran it, the water was finished at the bottom of the cannon (100 degrees). I then drank water from the river and got sick (take some pills to purify and or a filter)

The security in Chihuahua is not great at the moment, but the military will be guarding the roads and the circuit to protect the runners just in case…

To reach Guachochi, you have to fly to the City of Chihuahua and from there take a bus to Guachochi (250 miles), or just come with my group of friends by car from Monterrey (12 hour drive)

I guess I am not such a great sales person after all, I just read what I wrote and sounds awful, but it is actually a great race… I have a picture presentation from two years ago that I would send to anybody interested.

That’s that!

By the way, I ran Boston on Monday and didn’t feel any friggin advantage from the famous tale wind…


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  1. Hey Hec,
    I was browsing looking for you on today’s race and found your blog by coincidence!
    Hope you all the success you deserve.
    I’m very proud of you!
    Your brother, dreams and business partner
    Juan Ernesto

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