Transe Gaule 2007 Results

Jean Benoit kindly sent this report concerning the Transe Gaule 2007:

In 2001 Martin Wagen from Switzerland was one of the 15 Pioneers of Transe Gaule’s first edition. He finished the coast-to-coast 18 day race across France in 4th place, fighting with shin splints during the second half of the race. That was a learning time for him…

In the next two years, Martin won TransAmerica (2002) and then was 2nd in TransEurope (2003) before taking some rest after these two over 60 days transcontinental races. As a participant of new the announced TransEurope 2009 the tall Swiss is now back to serious training and the 1150 K of Transe Gaule 2007 (August 15 РSept. 1) was his first long stage run from a while. Winning 15 stages out of the 18, Martin won Transe Gaule VI ahead of German Jochen H̦schele (4th of Deutchlandlauf 2006) and Taiwanese Chen Ching Hui. Elke Streicher from Germany won the female division ahead of German Heike Pawzik and veteran Sigrid Eichner, 66 years old and succeeding for the third time in this race across France.

After ending Transe Gaule in South France, race director JiBi Jaouen has planned some vacations and rest by participating in Deutschalndlauf starting Sept. 10 in northern Germany for 17 days and 1205 kilometers.

Final results (1144 kilometers raced) :
1 Martin Wagen (Switzerland) 103h19’42
2 Jochen Höschele (Germany) 109h41’09
3 Chen Ching Hui (Taiwan) 113h45’16
4 Stéphane Pélissier 114h04’03
5 Raymond Brand’honneur 116h26’00
6 Werner Selch (Germany) 120h52’58
7 Fabrice Viaud 121h 55’05
8 Elke Streicher (Germany) 123h37’44 (F)
9 Ullrich Zach (Germany) 127h48’58
10 Daniel Muller 128h13’01
11 Klaus Neumann (Germany) 137h12’04
12 Dietrich Eberle (Germany) 138h47’13
13 Gilbert Codet 141h05’05
14 Gérard Denis 143h33’17
15 Bram Van der Bijl (Netherlands) 143h41’37
16 Frédéric Morand 144h10’14
17 Olaf Schmalfuß (Germany) 146h22’46
18 Hermann Böhm (Germany) 146h36’34
19 Günter Meinhold (Germany) 152h08’07
20 Jean-Luc Ridet 152h36’38
21 Gwenaël Quéant 153h47’49
22 Xavier Servel 156h12’00
23 Gilles Le Bleis 157h53’10
24 Heike Pawzik (Germany) 158h08’07 (F)
25 Sigrid Eichner (Germany) 159h49’43 (F)
26 Frédéric Gallais 160h07’14
27 Laurent Martinie 161h46’29
28 Donald Winkley (USA) 162h29’49
29 Ruth Jäger (Germany) 165h42’20 (F)
30 Karl-Heinz Jost (Germany) 172h22’40
31 Marie-Jeanne Simons 188h33’27 (F)
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