Self-Transcendence 6 Day Race 2011 – Ray Krolewicz

Self-Transcendence 6 Day Race 2011

Posted on the Ultralist:
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 15:00:58 GMT
From: “rayk”
Subject: Six day report (sorta) NUC

So I ran a six day after 25 years without one. I’d forgotten all the fun I was missing.

First, enough accolades cannot be given to the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team for hosting and supporting this event.

From a dry space to lay my head to some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, the event was fantastically maintained. Add in lap counters, security, porta potties that were cleaned every day, round the clock aid station, a beautiful course, enthusiastic support, and so much more, the event lent itself to great performances.

Ray Krolewicz
Ray Krolewicz by Prabhakar Street

The only thing the team could not control was the weather, and for me personally (being the wimp I am) I sought comfort, dry in the rain, and even shelter from the wind far more often than I would have liked. This adversely affected the mileage tribute I would like to have given (I wrote a poem instead).
[audio:|titles=Ray Krolevicz]
I heard during the week about the terrible storms in the south, and worried about family and friends. When the race was over I learned the extent of the devastation, and the particularly close loss of loved ones suffered by long time ultra friend DeWayne Satterfield. Mileage becomes less significant in the face of this type of news. Hundreds died, thousands lost loved ones. I dare not complain about wind or weather.

I had a good time at the race. I ran with friends of 30 years, and made new friends in the first 30 minutes of the run. I watched great performances, I saw runners overcome obstacles. I was reminded of the uniqueness of multiday runs that I have had scant taste of in 72 and 48 hour runs in recent years.

I had friends come out, bringing gifts of food and companionship. Thanks so much for the visits from Shannon, Cherie, Shishalden, Melani, another Cherie, Andy, Don and Carl, who not only forgave my missing the Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug Ultras, but brought me a race report, T-shirt, and promise of a great event when I return in 2012. I’m sure I’m forgetting several someones, but you are all loved and appreciated.

Now I am recovering, I ran 4.6 miles (2 loops around the reservoir in the Bronx where I have run laps since high school) Friday morning took 1:14:22 (38:28 and 35:54). I ran the same two loops this morning 26:22, 25:00 for a 51:22, so I guess I did have some recovering to do. I’m just trying to figure out which were the junk miles. Tomorrow I hope to run long.

Now it is time for food, which I’ll have to prepare myself. Gosh I was spoiled at the six day.

Ray K (with a whole new respect for 350 miles)


Ray Krolewicz


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