Ragnar Relay Race- What’s a Ragnar??

Ragnar Team

What’s a Ragnar??

My Definition: someone who is really ragnarly

A More Intelligent Definition:

Ragnar was a 9th century Norse King. He was a pirate, a raider, a
conqueror, an explorer, and a wild man. The tough, fearless, rugged
attributes of this Norse King are shared by all who participate in a
Ragnar Relay”

… And a Ragnar Relay?

“In a Ragnar Relay the wild nature of this Norse King is embraced by
many participants. Participants who aren’t afraid to paint their van
plaid, to bring along their own hair band, to join together in yelling
as they cross the finish line. You may think that you are not one of
them, but you are. Everyone has a wild side and nothing brings it out
of you like a Ragnar Relay.”

Sweet, but really, What is a Ragnar Relay?

“You and 11 of your closest friends running day and night, relay-style,
through some of the most scenic terrain North America could muster. Add
in live bands, inside jokes and a mild case of sleep deprivation. The
result? Some call it a slumber party without sleep, pillows or
deodorant. We call it a Ragnar Relay…”

Register for the Conn/Boston Ragnar race Sept. 11th-Sept. 12th!

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